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Selling on marko
Step By Step: selling on marko.
Step By Step: selling on marko.

List it. Ship it. Get cash: It's as easy as 1-2-3.

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New on marko? No problem! Selling on marko is so simple that you'll wonder how you got along without it before.

1. List Your (First) Item

Find something that don’t match your style anymore, or simply declutter your closet or home. We have some suggestions for you:

  • a dress you once wore to a wedding?

  • a necklace from your ex?

  • your over-ear headphones that you replaced with AirPods?

  • the retro vase from your grandma, which just doesn’t find the right place in your apartment?

You can then list the item with a few clicks on marko - once it’s uploaded, you can lean back and let us do the work for you. Go check-out What Makes a Great marko Listing for some tips and tricks.

2. Ship Your Item

Once your item is sold, make sure you package and ship it as soon as possible, or if you have offered pickup, let your buyer know where, when, and how they can pick up the item. For more details, visit How Do I Ship an Item Once It's Purchased.

3. Get Cash

We handle the payment transaction for you and your buyer, and pay out the sales price minus our small seller fee once the purchase is successfully completed. You can usually expect your payout within 2-3 business days. Find out more on What Is The Seller Fee.

Once you realize how simple selling & buying is on marko, you will be able to focus even more on your style while keeping your home clean and your bank account full. You buy what you love today, and sell what you’ve loved yesterday.

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