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Buyer's Return Policy.
Buyer's Return Policy.

Wish to return an item? Here is the how and important info to keep in mind.

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Hey there buyer, we want to make sure you know your rights when shopping on marko. If the item doesn't meet your expectations, you have the power to initiate a return.

Returning an item works differently whether you had it shipped to you or you organised a pickup appointment with the seller.

Return with Shipping

If the item you receive doesn't meet your expectations, you have the right to initiate a return within 2 days of receipt and confirm shipment of the return within 72 hours of return request (adding tracking code so we can inform the seller). Once the seller confirms that she/he has received the returned item, we’ll refund you the item price. However, any shipping costs and the marko Buyer Protection fee are non-refundable.

The return initiation can be accessed under my purchases > in progress > something's wrong?. And don't worry, we'll keep you in the loop every step of the way with email notifications and updates in your purchase overview.

Return at PickUp

If you do not wish to accept an item during pickup, you can return the item by clicking on item not as expected?. After that, we will refund you the item price. However, the marko Buyer Protection fee is non-refundable. However, make sure that you cancel the transaction - a return after you’ve picked up the item is not possible.

Why is the return shipping not free?

We want to keep returns to a minimum, as they are neither good for the environment nor the sellers. If we were to offer free returns, we would have to drastically increase the buyer protection fee - this would make the secondhand on marko more expensive and set the wrong incentives - after all, we do not want to be Zalando. But we do understand, that sometimes an item is just not as expected - that’s why we offer the return option.

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