With Markopolo's Ad Maker, creating ads is incredibly easy. Let's take a look at the process:

Creating Ads in Admaker

  • Click on the Ad Maker icon from the left navigation bar

  • Click on "Create Ad+" button from the top right of your app

  • Select the Platform and the type of ad you want to create!

  • Next, you'll have to fill up the "Create Ad Copy" form. You can choose the language and tone of your Ad. Then, click on "Generate Copy".

  • Now, you'll have multiple AI-generated options to choose from. You can edit or write your own copies as well. After you're happy with a caption, select one and,

    click "Continue".

  • Now, choose from the creative options at your disposal. You can use Canva, our very own Mark Editor, or you can upload your own existing file as well. Once you're done, click continue.

  • Edit the Ad Name, URL and Call to Action. Now, click on "Save As Finished", and you're good to go!

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