Creating a Facebook/Instagram Video Ad is not too difficult in Markopolo. Let us take you through the steps!

First, move to the "Admaker" section from the left menubar and select the "Create Ad+" button.

Now, choose Facebook Video Ad/Instagram Video Ad from the ad types.

Now, simply fill up the 'Create Ad Caption' form with your Brand or Product information and click on 'Generate Copy'.

Here, you can select from the captions Markopolo generated for you, or you can write your own caption. After you're done, click 'Continue'.

Now, it's time to upload your video. Once you're done, select the thumbnail you want, and click 'Continue'.

Now, give a title to the name of the ad and add your website URL where you want to direct your users! Provide a call to action as well. Then, click 'Save As Finished'.

There, you're ready to go! You can save the Ad to use in your campaigns.

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