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How to create Ads with Ad Maker?
How to create Ads with Ad Maker?

Create Facebook/Instagram Video using Ad Maker of Markopolo

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Creating a Facebook/Instagram Video Ad is not too difficult in Markopolo. Let us take you through the steps!

  • Head to the left nav bar, and click on the AdMaker section.

  • Click on the “Create Ad+” button.

  • Now, You will be presented with all the ad types available to you, and you will have to choose one.

  • Once you have chosen a type of ad (for example Google Smart Display Ad), you’ll be taken to the “Create Ad Copy” page. Here you will be able to add Product/Brand Descriptions, Search Keywords, Audience Keywords, etc. You can also fetch the product info for the ad from Asset Library or from your connected Shopify store.

  • Now, you will also see the option for selecting Headlines and Descriptions for your ad. Once you’re done adding them, you can click “Continue” to proceed or click on “Save as Draft” to save it as a drafted ad.

  • For headlines, you can write your own, or you can choose to generate them with our AI engine, by clicking on “Generate More copies”.

  • You can do the same with ad descriptions. Click on “Save” once you’re done writing the copies.

  • After you’ve created your copies, you’ll proceed to add the creatives. You can upload your existing creatives, or you can design with Mark Editor as well as with our built-in Canva integration. All the information about ad size and dimensions for the creatives is given in the FAQ section below.

  • After you’ve added the creatives, you will be forwarded to preview your ad. If everything is okay, you can finish by clicking on “Save as Finished”. You can also save it as a draft if you wish to work on it later.

  • And that’s it! You’re done! You can find all your finished & drafted ads on the AdMaker homepage.

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