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How to create a Facebook/Instagram Carousel type Ad?
How to create a Facebook/Instagram Carousel type Ad?
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For Facebook/Instagram Carousel type Ad

Using Admaker, you can create multiple cards (a card consisting of either an image or a video), and can also reorder them for positioning in the final ad.

Firstly, visit the Admaker page from your left menubar.

Now, select the "Create Ad+" button.

Then, choose the platform and Ad Type from the dropdown.

Fill up the 'Create Ad Caption' form with your Brand or Product information.

Once that is done, click on "Add Caption/Headlines/Descriptions", a popup window will appear. Click on "Generate Copies"

Now, you'll have multiple AI-generated options to choose from. You can also write your own copies as well.

After you're done, scroll down and click 'Save'.

Now, choose from the creative options at your disposal. You can use Canva, our very own Mark Editor, or you can upload your own existing file as well. Once you're done, click Continue.

Once you're done, you'll need to fill in the Carousel Details. Once done, click Continue.

Now, the last step. Fill in the Ad Name, Ad Url, and Call to Action fields, and your Carousel Ad is good to go!

Your carousel is ready! Now, select "Save as Finished".

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