For Google Search Ad,

It takes only 3 steps to create the a Google Search Ad in Markopolo. You can generate 3 headlines and 2 descriptions that will come up in the search engine. Let's see how:

Fill up the Ad details and Ad type

Head over to the "Admaker" page and hit on "Create Ad+"

Select the Google Search Ad from ad types.

Now, simply fill up the 'Create Ad Copy' form with your Brand or Product information and Generate headlines and descriptions.

Here, you can select from the copies Markopolo generated for you, or you can write your own copies. After you're done, click 'Continue'.

If there is any particular website where you would like to show your ads, please use the web placement option. Now, give a title to the name of the ad and add your website URL where you want to direct your users! Provide a call to action as well. Then, click 'Save As Finished'.

There, you're ready to go! You can save the Ad to use in your campaigns.

📝Note: You will have to edit the headlines a bit if the total character number crosses 30 (Google’s limit)

📝Note: The same would be required for the selected descriptions. However, the character limit for descriptions is 90

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