Display ads are ads that are shown on the articles, videos, or websites that consumers browse.

With Markopolo AI, You can generate 3 headlines and 2 descriptions, as well as two responsive creatives of 300x250 px and 320x568 px

Select the "Admaker" panel from the left menubar and choose "Create Ad+".

Now, select Google Display Ad from the options available.

Now, simply fill up the 'Create Ad Copy' form with your Brand or Product information. Use the "+ Add Headlines" and "+ Add Descriptions" to select and generate them with AI.

Now, you'll have multiple AI-generated copies to choose from. You can also write your own copies. After you're done, click 'Continue'.

Upload or create your creatives and click 'Continue'.

If you want your ad visible on any particular website, use the web placement option. Now, give a title to the name of the ad and add your website URL where you want to direct your users! Then, click 'Save As Finished'.

There, you're ready to go! You can save the Ad to use in your campaigns.

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