It takes no more than a minute to start your Markopolo journey by launching a campaign! Let's see how:

  • Log in to your Markopolo account and head over to the Campaign page. In Previous Campaigns, you can view the details of all the campaigns running on your ad accounts. In Custom Campaigns you'll be able to see just the campaigns you create on Markopolo.

  • Start by clicking on the " + Create new Campaign" button

  • Select the platform where you want to run your Ads.

    📝Note: Here you’ll only see your connected platforms to your brand which can be edited if you want, by editing your brand details at the Brand icon in the left navbar.

  • Select the objective of the ads of this campaign and click on continue. You can scroll to find all the available objectives.

  • You are now going to select the type of campaign you want to run. If you want to do an A/B test based on creatives or audience, select one of those. If you don't want to test anything, select "Normal Campaign"

  • Enter the name of the campaign, daily budget and duration.

  • You can create multiple Ad Sets using the marked option.

  • Select your audience for each ad sets. You can choose from a previously selected one or create a new one.

  • Now based on your platform selection, you can either import one from your previously created ad. If you have already used Ad maker to create an Ad, you can choose to do so from here. Or if you want to instantly create a new ad, you can do it from here too.

  • Now that you're all ready, hit the "Launch Campaign" button and you're done!

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