What is Markopolo?
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Markopolo is an AI-powered, simplified platform for paid marketing automation across different channels used by small, medium, and large organizations.

What can I do with Markopolo?

If you have a small business/ social media channel, you can start using Markopolo for:

  • Planning and publishing: Publish instantly or schedule your contents at your desired time.

  • Optimization and growth: Track the growth of reach, engagement, conversion, etc. and make sure to stay at the top of your ROI expense on ad spend!

  • Retargetting your audience: Retarget your campaigns toward anyone who had shown minimal interactions with your digital channels.

  • AI-generated content copies: You can use Markopolo's AI-generated copies to suit your content better.

Who uses Markopolo?

  • Small and Medium businesses that run a few social media channels regularly and maximize their growth from them, enter into new markets.

  • Amazon and Shopify sellers who want to increase their reach above their current borders and get the maximum ROI through digital ads.

  • Digital Agencies that manage a lot of brands and channels are looking for a single collaborative tool to ensure seamless, easy digital content management and advertisement.

  • E-commerce websites that want to retarget their existing traffics, gather new markets, increase revenue, customer retention etc. and improve their digital presence on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram etc.

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