How much does Markopolo cost?
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Markopolo offers 4 different plans to its users on a monthly or annual subscription. The pricing varies due to different factors.

Number of brands- you can add more brands by upgrading to a better plan

Number of team members- if you want to add additional members to your team, the cost is likely to increase

Size of asset library- you'll have a larger asset library with a better plan

There are additional features that vary according to different plans.

Here are the 4 plans Markopolo offers:

  • Professional- For your monthly advertisement, the pricing for the Professional plan is $23/ month. However, the subscription fee is reduced for the annual plan at a $19/ month rate billed annually.

  • Team- Monthly subscription fee for this plan is $99/ month whereas, the annual fee is only $83/ month billed annually.

  • Business- Monthly subscription fee for this plan is $199/ month. However, with an annual subscription, the fee jumps down to only $166/ month.

  • Enterprise- Set up a meeting and customize the bill according to your needs and specifications.

Please visit here to know more detailed plans and features information.

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