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How to Integrate Shopify Products with
How to Integrate Shopify Products with

You can import products offered by Shopify to your Markopolo Ad Campaigns. Here's how you can do it.

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  1. You will find two tabs. Click on the tab named Shopify Products.

  2. To add new products from Shopify, from the right side of the header click the Fetch from Shopify button.

  3. It will open a pop-up named Fetch Shopify products. There will be a search field for searching the products. Select one or multiple products and click on the Continue to edit button.

  4. Then it will open a pop-up named Edit fetched Shopify products. Now you can edit product names, and descriptions and upload multiple product images.

  5. After editing product details you can click on the Save button to add your shopify product.

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