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Learn how to use the Storm tool.

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Brainstorming keyword ideas has never been easier with our Storm Tool! 

What do I do?
Come up with a Seed Keyword. A Seed Keyword is the Keyword you use to kick off your brainstorming session. Let’s say you’re trying to find new keywords for a choker necklace. So you could start with the Seed Keyword “choker necklace”. 

Then What?
Then you type in your Seed Keyword and hit the orange GO arrow!

What happens next?
Storm generates a list of keywords that are (in some way) related to your seed keyword. If you click the right facing green arrow on a given word, it will move that word over into a list of words you’re going to dive deeper into later (yes, you can save your lists to come back to)! 

Basically, when you click the right facing green arrow, you’re telling the tool that you like that word, you like the direction it’s headed, and you’d like to see more along the same lines. 

If you hit the red X, the word will be removed from the list. Hitting the red X will tell the tool you don’t like that word, you don’t think it’s a good fit, and it’s not headed in the right direction. 

As you go along clicking green arrows and red Xs, Storm is going to learn from you and start honing in on the kinds of words you’re looking for!

Wow! Is there anything else I should know?
Definitely! The first thing is that Storm doesn’t stop generating ideas until you’re done looking for them...the words just keep on coming!

Second, Storm has MarmaMeters! This is awesome because right up front you’re seeing indicators of search volume, engagement, competition and you’ll have a better idea about your potential for success with a given keyword!

But I still have questions about Storm!

No problem! Reach out to us at

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