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Similar Shopper Searches on Etsy
Similar Shopper Searches on Etsy

Discover what shoppers are searching for on Etsy!

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An important part of brainstorming keyword ideas is having an idea of what shoppers are actually typing into search. That’s where Marmalead’s Similar Shopper Searches on Etsy column comes to the rescue! 

Cool! So what’s it do?
The Similar Shopper Searches column (’s located in the results section of your Search Tool) gives you a list of similar searches related to the keyword you’ve just searched. 

Sounds useful! Where do all these ideas come from?
The results in this column are based on actual Etsy searches so you can see what keywords shoppers are actually searching for on Etsy. Good news, the Similar Shopper Searches column also has Marmameters and a long tail indicator so you’ll be able to see each word’s level of searches, engagement, and competition and whether or not it's long tail!

More Questions?
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