So what exactly does engagement mean?
Engagement measures how much shoppers are interacting with listings. While search volume counts the number of times shoppers have searched for a keyword, engagement means they searched and then went on to interact with the search results by visiting the listings on the page. 

What kind of engagement do I want?
Higher engagement is always better! What you want is someone that searches for something, and then actually goes on to engage with the results of that search! If they’re doing that then that’s confirmation that shoppers are searching something, finding what they like, and are taking steps toward a purchasing decision. 

How do I read the Engagement Marmameter?
Targeting keywords with high engagement will raise the bar while targeting those with low engagement will lower it. The more keywords you target that have higher engagement, the more likely your listings are to be clicked, liked, favorited or purchased by shoppers. The number below the engagement MarmaMeter represents the number of unique views this keyword is expected to generate in the next 30 days. 

The number is based on THIS specific keyword. We're even looking at listing visits where those listings may not even exist anymore or their tags may have changed since the last visit.

More Questions?
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