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Understanding Competition in Search
Understanding Competition in Search
Learning more about competition.
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So what exactly does competition mean?
Good news, the idea of competition isn’t new here! Competition measures how many listings are competing to be found in a given search. The more competition there is, the more challenging it’s going to be to get found by shoppers!

What competition level do I want...(how low can you go)?
Lower competition is better! In low competition searches, it’s a lot easier to get in front of shoppers! Think about it. In the highest competition searches, listings are being added and sold (possibly renewed after sale) by the second, and in those environments it’s a lot easier to get lost in the mix. So aiming for low competition is definitely the goal!

What if I have to target high competition keywords?
Obviously someone is winning in those high competition searches and we’re certainly not saying it can’t be you! It’s just going to take a well executed SEO strategy, a lot of persistence, and some patience too. You’ll want to swing for the fences with every factor within your control (engagement, photos, descriptions....all of it). 

How do I read the Competition Marmameter?
Targeting keywords with low competition will lower the bars (going towards green) while targeting those with high competition will raise them (going towards red). The more keywords you target that have lower competition, the more likely your listings are to be found by shoppers. Green is good, red is bad.

The sweet spots for competition levels are gauged on the Competition Marmameter. Too many competing listings and your products risk getting lost in the mix. Too few and you risk shoppers leaving in favor of another search that returns more products. 

More Questions?

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