The number one goal is to write clear, concise, and easily readable titles.

So what delimiters should you use? The truth is, they are all treated similarly by Etsy search. However, many folks report that slashes and dashes aren't as overwhelming to the reader and are the most effective and pleasing to the eye.

Examples. Seller XYZ is selling: Engraved Leather Journal with Mountains. Check out the difference slashes and dashes make when reading that with other tags.

Leather Journal. Mountains. Engraved journal. Journal with Mountains. Engraved Mountains.


Leather Journal / Mountains / Engraved Journal / Journal with Mountains / Engraved Mountains


Leather Journal, Mountains, Engraved Journal, Journal with Mountains, Engraved Mountains.

For an in-depth read about commas, dashes, slashes, periods, commas...and the whole 9 yards...check out our Etsy Jam and accompanying blog that covers it all!

*Also note: Every person is different in their interpretation and level of potential confusion. Where a comma may confuse and overwhelm one person, and slash is better for them; another person may be just fine with that format.

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