A common and understandable question is "How long until Etsy see my SEO has changed?" Along with this there's a common misconception that Etsy "indexes" or "crawls" their listings. 

Etsy will see your listing changes immediately since it's all within their own systems. This is also why they don't need to crawl your listing to see changes. Search engines like Google need to crawl pages because they're a third party and the crawling is how they get their data. Etsy just looks at their own systems in real time. 

You might see results from a change in your listing within minutes, it might take hours, or even days. The way search works with showing listing variety and cycling through presenting millions of listings so they all get a shot at being seen takes time to see results. 

So how do I know if it's working? We have an article for that! 

The Only Way to Know if Your Keyword is Working

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