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Popular Tags Table
Popular Tags Table

Find tags that are popular on Etsy!

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Discovering what tags are popular on Etsy is a breeze with our Popular Tags Table!

Cool! Where do I find the Popular Tags Table?
You will find the table in your search results. Enter a keyword into search, hit go, and the Popular Tags Table is just one of the awesome datasets we bring back for you!

Hmm, what’s it look like?
Check it out below!

Can I get a quick breakdown?
Sure you can! See below:

  • Count: This shows the number of items in this results set that use this tag. It indicates how popular a tag is.

  • Days to Ship: Days to Ship shows if you’re getting your products in the mail faster or slower than the competition. Shoppers can filter search results for listings that ship in 1 or within 3 business days. Buyers are more likely to buy products that ship quickly. 

  • Photos: Photos is how many photos the listing with this tag are using. Shoppers are going to naturally spend more time on listings that have more photos. If many of your competitors are using more photos, you should consider adding some

  • Average Price: The average price of all items and these results which use a given tag.

More Question?
If you have more questions about the Popular Tags Table, reach out to us at

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