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Using Keyword Search to Find the BEST Keywords for You!

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Etsy Search is a relevancy search. Meaning it looks for listings that are the closest match for what the shopper typed in. This makes it really important to know what shoppers are typing in, not just what listings are returning. Etsy in their Ultimate Search Guide, says if a listing has an exact match for the shopper's search, that listing is seen as more relevant to that search. That's what you want, and that's something Marmalead delivers...

Imagine running a search using Marmalead and you're presented with a set of data that blows your mind! 

It's beautiful, but what does all of this information mean?!

Long Tail Keywords
Long Tail uses machine learning behind the scenes studying keywords to decide if they're a long tail keyword or not. Long tail keywords are more descriptive for shoppers and ultimately put your listings in a good spot for being found and sold. 

Etsy Searches
The bar meter you’re seeing is calibrated based on millions of searches from real Etsy shoppers. The more bars the better!

The numbers below this MarmaMeter are based on unique monthly searches. While everyone else is guessing, you have access to shopper search volume! 

Etsy Engagement
Engagement measures how much shoppers are interacting with listings. While search volume counts the number of times shoppers have searched for a keyword, Engagement means they searched and then went on to interact by viewing the listings on the page. 

The bar meter you’re seeing is calibrated based on millions of searches from real Etsy shoppers. The more bars the better!

The numbers below the engagement MarmaMeter are the number of unique views this keyword is expected to generate in the next 30 days. The number is based on THIS specific keyword. We're even looking at listing visits where those listings may not even exist anymore or their tags may have changed since the last visit.

Competition measures the amount of listings competing for a particular keyword. Lower competition (green bars) is a far easier arena than higher competition (red bars). The sweet spots for competition levels are gauged on the Competition meter. Too many competing listings and your products risk getting lost in the mix. Too few and you risk shoppers leaving in favor of another search that returns more products. 

Seasonality and Forecasting (Engagement Over Time)
Seasonality is how engagement for a keyword moved up and down throughout the year. When did shopper interest go up, when did it come down, and when did it just sit there. Now we show you over a year's worth of activity for every keyword. Forecasting is the sibling to Seasonality. While Seasonality is looking at the history of engagement for the keyword, Forecasting is looking forward through the next three months. Historical data is represented by the green bars and forecasted data is in white.

Filter by Material
This filter allows you to filter out listings that don’t contain specific materials.

Filter by Category
This filter allows you to filter out listings that don’t fall into specific categories.

Marmalead defaults to  analyzing 100 results. This can be toggled to analyze 42, 100, or 500 instead by clicking the ‘Limit to’ option.

Shops Competing
This shows the number of shops within the listings analyzed that are competing for the keyword.

% Free Shipping
Free Shipping shows the percentage of items in this results set that offer free shipping to their origin country. You’ll get a feel for how much free shipping matters for this type of listing. Shipping cost, even a low cost has become a mental barrier to many when shopping online. 

In fact, according to The Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search a 2018 survey showed Etsy shoppers were 50% less likely to buy an item if they thought the price of shipping was even a little bit more expensive than they were used to. They suggest adding some of your shipping costs into the listing price to reduce that mental barrier. It's something you'll need to experiment with because every market have different customer expectations. 

Free shipping helps your listing stand out because in search results shoppers will see you have free shipping AND if they use the free shipping filter, you'll be included in the filtered results. Definitely something to think about. 


Pricing could be its own book let alone a section. Listing price can influence whether a shopper even clicks on your listing. Shoppers often have a price range in mind when they're getting serious about a purchase. Etsy recommends listing your items across multiple price points so you have something for as many budgets as possible. Marmalead makes it easy to see where the pricing breakpoints fall for a given keyword....

Bargain Price

Bargain Price is the range where a product would be considered below average priced. Typically shoppers would have lower expectations of listings in this range compared to the others simply because of price. We often use price in our shopping as a gauge of quality.

Midrange Price

Mid Range price is the range where a product would be considered middle of the road or average priced.

Premium Price
Premium price is the range where a product would be considered above the normal range and where shoppers are likely expecting the highest quality.

But there’s more information in my search results!

Connect to quick info on your Pricing Chart, Popular Tags Table, or Tag Cloud.

Yep, okay, cool...but I still have more questions!
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