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Learn more about the Keyword Comparison Tool

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So you want to compare a list of keywords and see which will come out on top? The Comparison Tool was created to help you do just that!

How does it work?

You simply type a keyword into the search bar at the top of each column. Click the magnifying glass on each, then sit back and prepare for your results! 

Cool! But what am I looking at?

Comparison will return MarmaMeters (long tail, search volume, engagement, and competition) results for each word. You’ll also be able to see pricing information and average renewal stats for each word you compare, plus a lot of other information that will help you decide if it’s a good keyword to move forward with! 

Can I get a breakdown?
Here ya go!

The MarmaMeters allow you to easily tell which keywords are scoring higher in terms of Long Tail, Engagement, Competition, and Search volume!

Long Tail Keywords
Long Tail uses machine learning behind the scenes studying keywords to decide if they're a long tail keyword or not. Long tail keywords are more descriptive for shoppers and ultimately put your listings in a good spot for being found and sold. 

Etsy Searches
The bar meter you’re seeing is calibrated based on millions of searches from real Etsy shoppers. The more bars the better!

The numbers below the Searches MarmaMeter is based on unique monthly searches. While everyone else is guessing, you have access to shopper search volume! 

Etsy Engagement
Engagement measures how much shoppers are interacting with listings. While search volume counts the number of times shoppers have searched for a keyword, Engagement means they searched and then went on to interact by viewing the listings on the page. 

The bar meter you’re seeing is calibrated based on millions of searches from real Etsy shoppers. The more bars the better!

The numbers below the Engagement MarmaMeter is the number of unique views this keyword is expected to generate in the next 30 days. The number is based on THIS specific keyword. We're even looking at listing visits where those listings may not even exist anymore or their tags may have changed since the last visit.

Competition measures the amount of listings competing for a particular keyword. Lower competition (green bars) is a far easier arena than higher competition (red bars). The sweet spots for competition levels are gauged on the Competition meter. Too many competing listings and your products risk getting lost in the mix. Too few and you risk shoppers leaving in favor of another search that returns more products. 


The pricing breakdown allows you to tell where products using this keyword are falling in the pricing spectrum (from bargain to premium priced listings). 

Top Tags
Top Tags lets you see the top tags for listings targeting this keyword.

Anything else I should know?
Of course, we always recommend that once you find some winning words with the Comparison Tool, you should put them through the Search Tool to get even more awesome information! But that’s another conversation.

More Questions?
If you still have questions about the Comparison Tool, reach out to us at

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