What are SEO Factors?
SEO factors are the factors that make up the letter grades on your listings in Marmalead. The factors include: Tags, Long Tail Focus Keywords, Focus Keyword Engagement, and Long Tail Tags.

Um, can I get a quick breakdown por favor?

Tags: Tags help Etsy search understand your listing.  Etsy gives you 13 tag opportunities, so it’s definitely an SEO best practice to use all 13 of those opportunities. After all, no one likes leaving opportunity on the table!

Focus Keywords: We need to define this real quick for the rest to make sense... Focus Keywords are tags in your title and any keywords in your title that can be recreated by combining two of your tags. :) 

Long Tail Focus Keywords: Etsy recommends targeting long tail keywords. Use your focus keywords wisely, they tell Etsy and shoppers what your listing is about. We suggest (and grade) that you use long tail keywords as your focus keywords. Don't overstuff your title with tags. We recommend including 4 tags in your title.

Focus Keyword Engagement: We're most interested in your focus keywords for engagement... Pick keywords with higher engagement to make sure you show up in front of customers who are actually clicking and buying! 

Long Tail Tags: In their Ultimate Search Guide, Etsy recommends using long tail tags. Using long tail tags gives you a better opportunity to be found by interested shoppers than using tags that aren't long tail. Aim for making every tag a long tail tag. Quick Example: The tag "Customizable Bag" is better than "Customizable" and "Bag".

Psst...for more on keyword engagement, refer to our article called Understanding Engagement in Search.

Phew! That was a lot, I need to digest it.
No problem! If you come up with more questions on SEO Factors, reach out to us at Success@Marmalead.com.

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