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Focus Keywords, Non-Focus Keywords, and Tags Table
Focus Keywords, Non-Focus Keywords, and Tags Table

Learning about your Focus and Non-Focus Keywords...and your Tags Table too!

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Focus Keywords
Focus Keywords are tags in your title and any keywords in your title that can be recreated by combining two of your tags. The "Focus Keywords" section shows you which keywords you're targeting with your listing. You're encouraged to focus on targeting a smaller number of higher quality keywords instead of filling your titles with generic keywords simply because they generate a large number of searches. Each keyword in the "Focus Keywords" section is clearly marked for whether or not it is a long tail keyword to encourage you to use those long tail focus keywords in your listings as they put you in a better spot to be sold! Etsy also gives the advice in their Ultimate Guide to Etsy Search, that if you can't imagine a shopper typing it into search, it shouldn't be in your tags. We agree, and fortunately you don't have to guess about that because we show you how often shoppers are searching them. Focus keywords should describe what your product is, how it's made, and who it's for to give you some suggestions. 

Non-Focus Keywords
So we've talked about what focus keywords are. But here’s a quick reminder. Focus Keywords are tags in your title and any keywords in your title that can be recreated by combining two of your tags. Okay, now that you've know that, what’s a non-focus keyword? Well, non-focus keywords are tags that are not in your title and can't be recreated by combining two of your tags. 

The Non-Focus Keywords table in your Listing Details page will show you what keywords are NOT in Focus. Maybe you thought a really important keyword was a Focus Keyword and you can use the Non-Focus Keywords table to double check and/or catch a mistake. Also Non-Focus Keywords are still keywords, so even if they aren’t the MOST important keywords on your listing, they still matter. 

Tags Table
The Tags section clearly shows where the tag is positioned in your title (Title Strength) whether or not each tag is a long tail keyword (Long Tail), the number of searches and unique visits to listings (Engagement) expected for this keyword over the next 30 days, and the number of competing results on Etsy (Results). The percentage of tags that are long tail keywords is included in your grade. This encourages you to use more descriptive phrases in your tags instead of using single word tags simply because they have higher search volume numbers.

Etsy won't change your position in search because of where your tags are in your title, but they do suggest leading with your best tags (keywords). They suggest this because the front of your title is the very first thing or in the case of mobile, the only part of your title a shopper will see. 

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