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What an "A" Grade Looks Like
What an "A" Grade Looks Like

Wondering how to get an A? Here's what an "A" looks like

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Three examples of real world "A Grade" listings followed by the criteria to get yourself an A. 

  • Use all 13 tags

  • Make sure all your focus keywords are Long Tail

  • Shoot for 7 out of 10 engagement bars (that's about 300) on JUST the focus keywords (you can have as few as two if you want)

  • Make sure most of your other tags are long tail too

What's a Focus Keyword?  

Focus Keywords are tags in your title and any keywords in your title that can be recreated by combining two of your tags.

What's a Long Tail keyword AND how does Marmalead decide if it's Long Tail? 

The new long tail indicator encourages sellers to find and use niche keywords (instead of lots of broad keywords). It uses machine learning to study keywords and decide if they're a long tail keyword or not. The machine learning generates a model based on multiple factors like what the Etsy market looks like for that keyword, what the search landscape looks like for that keyword, and what the keyword phrase itself looks like. We’ve tested the model extensively and now it can balance all the factors to let you know if your keyword is long tail or not. In short it’s a lot more complicated than how many words make up a keyword. “Gift for her” for example is three words yet not long tail. So it's not about size after all. 

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