Keyword lists are simply lists of keywords you've researched in Marmalead and would like to save (for whatever reason) and keep up with the data. Rather than the old manual way of going back and forth between Marmalead and a spreadsheet, you can save time and create lists of keywords right within Marmalead! 

You can add any keyword you choose to your lists and you can name, categorize, and edit the lists however you see fit! 

And bonus, the data for each keyword automatically renews each time you open the list!

Here's a quick example of a list. This list is centered around "Laser Coasters". In this example let’s assume that "groomsmen gifts" is a keyword that goes in and out of season. 

A quick look at my list shows me the strongest keywords I've saved for this product so I can swap them in and out of my listings as needed- always keeping the best keywords on my listings, and dropping the laggards. 

Great! So How do I get started making a list?
There are lots of ways and we'll show you a few. Once you've got the hang of it, you'll know exactly what to look for so you can start making lists and using them to grab an advantage!

Here are 3 great ways to add those keywords to a list:

The first way to add a keyword to a list you’ll find front and a little to the right on your Search page.

Let’s say you're running keyword searches in the Search Tool and come up with a word you want to add to a list. Right there above the MarmaMeters, you'll find the "Add to List" button. Click the button and either choose an existing list or create a new one.

The Search page is a great place to sift through your keywords and refine your lists because Search is where you'll find the most data on those keywords.

The second method for adding keywords to your lists is also on the Search page, further down in your Search results on the Similar Shopper Searches table. Click on the list button and get to adding!

Quick note: Anywhere you see the "list" option circled in white in the picture above, you'll be able to add that keyword to your list! 

The third method for adding keywords to your lists is in Storm. Like we mentioned in the previous example, you'll see the "List" button and you'll know you'll be able to add that keyword to your list!

Remember, all the keywords in your lists auto-refresh and show you the most recent number of unique searches and visits (Engagement) this keyword is expected to generate in the next 30 days! 

The number is based on THIS specific keyword. We're even looking at listing visits where those listings may not even exist anymore or their tags may have changed since the last visit.

So next time you want to check on the health of your keywords, take a spin through your keyword lists and make sure they're in the green!

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