Long Tail Keyword:

While there is no exact definition of a long tail keyword, we can tell you that it has more to do with niche and specificity than it does length. So the primary characteristic of a long tail keyword is a keyword or search phrase that targets a niche and has a higher degree of specificity.

Focus Keyword:

A focus keyword is any keyword or search phrase that’s matched exactly (without skipping words or changing word order) in your title and tags.

Long Tail Focus Keyword:

A long tail focus keyword is any keyword or search phrase that is long tail (as identified by the long tail indicator in the tools) and is matched exactly in your title and tags.

Focus Keyword Engagement:

Looks at the engagement level (as identified by the engagement meter in the tools) of the focus keywords in your listing. Refer to article “Understanding Engagement in Search” for more info on engagement.


A keyword or search phrase you add into the tag section of your listing that helps the Etsy algorithm match your listing to the shoppers most likely to engage with it.

Keyword/Search Phrase:

A word or series of words that describes your product and tells shoppers and the algorithm what the listing is, who it’s for, etc. Keywords/Search Phrases make up your title and tags and can also be added into your description if desired.


The sentiment metrics look at how much positive or negative sentiment is in either your title or description. Sentiment is based on basic English linguistic rules that deem certain words as negative or positive. If you were to Google "lists of words with positive or negative sentiment", you’d find lists with hundreds of different words. The goal of these metrics is to help you remove any unnecessary negative sentiment from your titles and descriptions because we know that happy sells! With that said, if any word(s) is integral to your customer’s understanding of your product, do NOT remove it. Only remove any unnecessary negative wording. 


How do I disconnect a shop if it’s already connected to another account?

To disconnect a shop from a previous account, log into the old account, click on the shop icon in the upper right of the screen, then click on Manage Shops. Once there, click the red “Remove” button and that will disconnect the shop from that account. Once disconnected from the previous account, you’ll be able to connect the shop without issue to the current account. If you need a password reset on the old account, reach out to us at Success@Marmalead.com.

How often should I be maintaining my SEO?

While there is no exact answer, on average it’s a good idea to be maintaining your SEO every 2-4 weeks. If you’re in a highly competitive area, you’ll likely need to be more aggressive than if you’re in a low competition area. When you’re doing your maintenance, be on the look out for things like the seasonality of your focus keywords (you can use the seasonality and forecasting tool for this), and making sure the way your target market searches for listings like yours hasn’t changed.

Should I change all my titles and tags at once?

No! Don’t change everything at once. That makes it hard to see which changes are helpful and which are not. Start with a group of your lowest performing listings and work with those until you hit on something that works. Then you can start to move that strategy across the rest of your shop. With that said, NEVER change what’s already working for you. If something is working for you let it keep working no matter what the grade is. Grades are there to help you see where there’s room for improvement IF NEEDED. But if something is working for you already, leave it alone and allow it to keep working for you!

I have several listings that are basically the same except for color and slight differences. Will I compete with myself using the same keywords for those listings?

With Etsy's shift to CSR (contextualized search results) you will not compete with yourself by using same or similar keywords across listings. With that said, you want to make sure you’re not limiting your reach! Keep doing your keyword research to make sure you’re not missing out on other potential audiences.

What do I do about a long tail keyword that’s longer than the 20 character limit for tags?

If you’re struggling to fit a longer long tail keyword into a tag because of the 20 character limit, that’s okay! You can break it up across two tags. As long those two tags match the long phrase exactly then Marmalead will see both tags as focus keywords and Etsy will see them as a match for the whole phrase. If the long tail doesn’t break down into two long tail tags, you might see a drop in your grade. But that’s okay! As long as you’re pretty sure the long tail you’re targeting is going to be worth testing out, go for it! 

More questions? Reach out to us at Success@Marmalead.com

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