What is it?

By the time a shopper is on Etsy, they’re usually interested in solving a problem (like buying a unique birthday gift or finding some all natural bath and body products). The Pinterest Trending tool helps you catch what shoppers will want next before it’s already trending on Etsy by showing you what’s trending on Pinterest.

But how?

We know that Pinterest is a leading indicator for popularity on Etsy. So what do you do? Click on the Trend button in Marmalead to catch the macro trends on Pinterest, then use the other tools in Marmalead (like the Search Tool) to niche it down for specific Etsy keywords. Check weekly for trends that either directly apply to your shop and product offerings, or that (with some creativity) you can make apply! 

Okay, but what are these trend things anyway?

A trend is defined by a general direction in which something is developing or changing. So a hot trend is simply a trend that develops quickly, often suddenly. As in, all of a sudden something is in season. Or a big unveiling in pop culture kickstarts a trend overnight. When we see a trend charted out, it’s pretty easy to spot what’s hot and what’s not. If you’re looking for a hot trend, you’ll look for quick spikes. But remember, while hot trends can sometimes stick around, they can also turn out to be fleeting.

Well, that’s complicated and it depends on the type of success you’re looking for. Like we mentioned above, a hot trend is often big, but can also be brief. If you’re looking for a more solid growth experience, upward trends may provide more stability. Upward trends are defined by steady growth. They’re moving upward and doing so consistently. These are the kind of trends you might build a product line around. Catching upward trends early on gives you the chance to establish yourself as a top shop in the category. And that kind of success tends to breed more success!

Why Pinterest and not Facebook or Instagram?

Pinterest is unique with its collections of pins on categorized boards. It’s suited for brainstorming, browsing, and saving ideas in an organized way. Their audience is highly engaged (more so than Instagram or Facebook) and Pinterest has 320 million monthly active users. It’s reported that 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan life moments vs. 44% on Instagram and 53% on Facebook. Moreover, Pinterest users are actively researching their purchases. 89% of users in the USA are using pins on their path to making a purchase.

How often do you update the data in this tool?

The numbers and graphs under the Trending tab in Marmalead are updated weekly so you can stay on top of a given trend as it plays out. Trends can move quickly. Weekly information on trends will help you spot them early on. And since they’re Pinterest trends, you’ll spot many before they fully mature on Etsy.

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