In short, No Claims Discount (NCD) is a way to acknowledge claim free driving. When we generate your quote, we will take your NCD into account to give you the best possible price! 

And here's more good news... At Marshmallow, we recognise your claim free driving outside of the UK too so you can get a better price for your policy for NCD or Bonus-Malus! 😊

More information about NCD

  • How do I prove my NCD?
    You will need to send us an official document from our previous insurer that states how many years NCD you have. To learn more, click here.

  • Will you accept my Bonus Malus/ NCD from abroad?
    Yes! At Marshmallow, we want to understand your whole driving experience (and maximise your savings), which is why we accept the UK’s NCD and various international equivalents.

  • How do I earn NCD?
    In the UK you get No Claims Bonus (NCB) / No Claims Discount (NCD) for every year you drive without making a claim. (It’s the UK equivalent of Bonus-Malus.) At the end of each year, you will receive a renewal offer from your current insurer, which will state your current NCD. It normally goes up by 1 every year if you do not make a claim.

  • Will you accept my NCD for my motorbike?
    Sadly, no. We can only accept NCD for claim free driving with a car. We cannot accept claims free driving on motorbikes or other vehicles.

  • My NCD is from 3+ years ago, will you accept this?
    We can only accept your NCD if it's dated within the past 3 years. Also, if you have large gaps between your different NCD, we will only be able to accept the most recent one (from within the past 3 years)

  • What’s the difference between NCB / NCD?
    There is no difference.  They are two names for the same thing.  (We use the term NCD.)

  • Is my NCB / NCD affected if I join Marshmallow?
    No, it is not! 😊

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