We're sad you're thinking of leaving us, but if you want to cancel your policy just log in to your Marshmallow account or open our app.

If you've never logged into your account, don't worry! Simply follow the steps below to log in via our website:

  1. Click here to log in

  2. Enter the email address you used when you signed up with us

  3. Check your inbox for an email from Marshmallow that says 'Sign into your Marshmallow account'

  4. Click on the link to sign into your account

  5. Select 'Cancel my policy'

Please note: If you’re wanting to cancel your policy because you’ve sold your car, we can switch your cover over to your new car.

You can change your car on cover in your Marshmallow account. For more information on how to do this, read this article here.

If your policy is coming to an end and you just want to expire your policy, read this article on how to do that here.

More information about cancelling your policy

Do I have to pay a fee if I cancel my policy?
If your policy started less than 14 days ago you will be charged a £25 fee to cancel. If you cancel after 14 days of your policy start date (your cooling off period), there will be a £50 cancellation fee.

If I cancel my policy today, what time will my cover end?
You can select what day you want your policy to end. If you cancel it to end today, you will be covered with us until 23:59 tonight.

I have found a cheaper price. Can you match this?
Although we cannot price match, we do offer a cheaper insurance plan called Marshmallow Essential. This is our budget motor cover option, giving you essential car cover, at a lower price. If you wish to change your plan to Marshmallow Essential, please get in touch with one of our agents via live chat.

When will I get my refund?

After you cancel your policy, a member of the team will be in touch about your refund/amount owed to us. We calculate refunds on a pro rata basis which means that you will only pay for the time you've had on cover with us. For example, if you cancel your policy 5 days after your policy started, we would deduct 5 days of cover from your initial payment.

It’s a legal requirement that any vehicle that requires road tax and is allowed to be used on public roads is also insured so if you do cancel your policy you must get insurance elsewhere.

Please also make sure your balance is cleared before your account is closed. We reserve the right to use a debt collection agency to collect any outstanding payments after this point.

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