If you have an existing GoCardless account and you'd like to save a bunch of time by using Martialytics, you can sync your existing mandates with your students. 

1. Click on the Sync Mandates button:

2. Martialytics will attempt to match your mandates from GoCardless with students in Martialytics automatically:

3. You can match any mandates manually by clicking on the Match Mandate button and selecting from the list of unmatched existing mandates:

4. Once you're finished, you can confirm the matched mandates are correct and then we require some checks to complete the process. You'll need to enter your password again and tick the check box. We do this because it's very important that the mandates are matched accurately so as to not cause mismatched transactions or having student payments being billed to the wrong student:

Note that syncing mandates with Martialytics will not affect your existing subscriptions in GoCardless, they are untouched, only new transactions created from within Martialytics. 

You will need to create your plans in Martialytics for Martialytics to control that automation. Be sure to remove all active plans in GoCardless beforehand so that you don't accidentally double bill your customers. 

Check out our Member Billing support area for more guides on how to use GoCardless.

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