The Class Offset feature allows you to backdate the start date of a student’s current rank and/or add classes to offset their Grading Eligibility.

To backdate a student’s current rank:

1. Go to their profile and click on the Style you want to backdate the start date for under Styles & Ranks

2. Click on the date field to bring up the calendar.

3. Select the new date. A tick will appear in the box to confirm the date has been changed. 

To add a class offset to a students current rank:

1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from the instructions above and click on the box next to where it says Class Offset

2. Type in the number of classes you want to add. A tick will appear in the box to      confirm the offset has been applied. 

Looking to record backdated attendance to a student’s profile? Check out our
How To: Add backdated Attendance guide. 

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