Stripe offers the functionality to send invoices to students according to the plans set billing frequency. Invoicing is also a convenient way to collect student card details, which are then securing stored on their profile for future use.

To invoice your students, you will first need to create and connect your Stripe account. Check out our [How To: Set up your Stripe account] for more details on how to do this.

Go to the Billing section of the students profile and click on Add A Plan Or Passes. Select the desired pass or plan, billing frequency and start date (for plans only). TIP: The student needs to complete the invoice form before the plan is due to start, or the request expires. We recommend giving students at least 3 days before billing is due to start.

Select Send Invoice (Stripe) in the Payment Method drop-down menu, then click Confirm And Assign Plan To Student to send.

The plan will display on the student profile as Pending until the form has been completed. Once payment has been taken the plan will be shown as Active. Their payment details will be stored and use for their invoice payments forward.

View a list of pending, upcoming and overdue invoices on your Dashboard.

Check out our Member Billing support area for more guides on how to use.

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