Your (or your client’s) download could be slow due to the following reasons:

1. The bandwidth it low.
You can find out the total available bandwidth by doing a quick speed test on

2. There could be other network-intensive tasks running in the background.
Try closing those tasks to see if the download experience gets better. You can use the Task manager on Windows or Activity monitor to view all currently running tasks and terminate the unnecessary ones.

If you are still experiencing slow speeds, please contact us at or via customer support chat with the following information:

  1. MASV account email address.
  2. Your location (city, country).
  3. Your bandwidth (you can find it out via
  4. Name of the package.
  5. Your operating system.
  6. Browser/download manager which you are using to download.

Please do not cancel the download. It will help us investigate better.

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