MASV’s download limit feature enables you to control the number of downloads for each delivery. This helps improve security and enables you to better control your download costs.

Download limit counts are triggered based on a successful download of either a single file or the entire package once the recipient closes their browser.  

Think of download limits as sessions, once a session is complete any successful downloads will increment the limit. This means a single recipient could potentially download a delivery multiple times in one session as long as they do not refresh or close the download page.  

To enable the Download Limits feature, go to your settings then team section and enable the toggle for Limit downloads.  

If you need to override the default download limit for a specific delivery, you can do this by selecting ‘options’ on the upload card, and then enter a value in the download override limit field. If you leave this field blank, your default download limit will be applied to the delivery. If you have not enabled download limits your file can be downloaded an infinite number of times.

To change the download limit AFTER you’ve sent a file, navigate to the packages section of the MASV App. and select 'more' on the package you want to adjust the limit on.  

The detailed package view shows you the recipients who received the download link, their download status, the cost associated with the delivery, and the number of downloads each recipient has completed. Use the plus or minus signs to change the number of available downloads for each recipient:

The download limit does not increase just by viewing the download page, it only increases if a user attempts to download the file. 

If a recipient attempts to download a package after they have reached their download limit, MASV will instruct the recipient to contact the sender to request additional downloads:

In this scenario, as the sender you would increase the download limit, and ask the recipient to refresh their browser screen when on the download page, at which point they will be able to access the content.

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