App v2.2.1

MASV app v2.2.1 contains our biggest change yet, Watch Folders. We are constantly working to improve the app so that your workflows stay smooth. Here are a few issues we know about and are on our to-do list. Send us any of your findings at

  • Issues with Watch Folders on network storage (NAS or windows shares).

  • Loose files not being picked up if they're on the top level.

App v0.9.2 Public Beta

  • Missing the generate link functionality versus needing to enter email addresses.

  • Double Password Entry (UX enhancement): When choosing desktop app for downloads triggered via Web, users are asked to enter password twice.

  • Special characters not Supported in any field (macOS only): Folder names, passwords and other fields do not currently support special characters and an error message will occur. Files will not be delivered. Unsupported characters are: $&+,/:;=?@ "<>#%{}|\^~[]` plus “space” and “carriage return”. 

  • Feature in progress: Resume for Uploader: MASV Desktop will retry uploads relentlessly, and soon we will be implementing a feature to Resume after a restart or similar disruption.

  • Reduce cost of retries on poor connections: If you are working with a troublesome or very weak internet connection, MASV Desktop will keep pushing hard, potentially leading to data overages. If you are on poor internet and need to deliver your files at the cost of a modest overage charge, have at it. In next build we will try less aggressive retries to prevent overages. Excellent, high speed connections will be fully utilized with no or limited overages. Please feedback if you find otherwise.

  • Missing notification re: overwritten folders -- On MacOS, downloading a package containing a folder with the same name as a previous download will overwrite the first download without notification of doing so. We will want to notify about that.

  • 200,000+ component packages beach balls without notification - On MacOS, in tests of packages containing 200,000+ items (!), MASV Desktop may “beach ball” without notifying the user of what’s happening. Typically if you wait, MASV Desktop will deliver the files and beach balls can be forgotten until you go to the beach. We’ll clean this up.

  • Lots of UX cleanup, especially to achieve consistency between MacOS and Windows for teams using mixed OSes.

  • Unresponsive Windows UI - In one instance following a successful upload, a user was unable to click on "Send more". Using the back arrow to navigate out of that screen, none of the elements on the bottom portion of the UI were clickable. Closing and re-launching the app was not sufficient to clear the issue - the system had to be rebooted.

  • “+” not supported in email addresses - Some other issues with special characters may exist. Please report any found.

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