To export your Billing Log Reports, navigate to Settings, then Teams, then to the Billing section of your MASV App:

Select the EXPORT BILLING LOG button to export your billing logs for the current billing period (this month) or Select the Export Logs icons to view previous billing period logs:

When you export your billing logs the report will look similar to the example screenshot below.

The report column definitions are as follows:

  • Date/Time - When the transfer was sent
  • Package ID - The unique ID for each recipient (downloader)
  • Package Name - Name of the transferred package
  • Sender - Email of person who initiated the transfer
  • Type - 'Downloaded' (some or all of the package data has been downloaded) or 'Not Downloaded' (the recipient has not downloaded any package data)
  • Data Amount - Total GB downloaded by recipient
  • Package Size - Total GB uploaded by sender
  • Cost - Total cost of transfer by recipient
  • Recipient IP - Location of downloader
  • Duration - Time taken to download file

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