The Box implementation for MASV Cloud Connect joins our existing S3, BackblazeB2 and Google Cloud Storage integrations and requires a similar configuration process. You will need to create a Custom Box Application and then enter the details into the Cloud Connect settings. We are leveraging a Box App to provide a secure storage directory that is separate from user data and can be easily shared with other collaborators.

Creating a Box App

Create a private developer app on Box for MASV to use to transfer files. The app will have its own directory structure that is separate from user accounts or other applications. You can share access to any number of collaborators as you wish.

1. To create a new application, open the Box Developer Console.

2. Next, click Create New App.

3. Select Custom App and click Next.

4. Select OAuth 2.0 with JWT (Server Authentication) and click Next.

5. Provide a unique name (ie. MASV Portal Downloads).

6. On the App Settings page under General, you may manage your collaborators and submit the app for Admin approval. Even if you are the administrator for your account, you will need to click Submit for Authorization and then follow the instructions you will receive via email to approve the application.

7. Once you have approved the app, proceed to the Configuration page.

8. Application Access should be set to Application and Application Scopes should include:

  • Read all files and folders stored in Box.

  • Read and write all files and folders stored in Box.

9. All other scopes are not needed and should be left unchecked

10. Advanced Features Perform Actions as Users and Generate User Access Tokens should be disabled as they are not needed.

11. Under Add and Manage Public Keys click Generate a Public/Private Keypair (note you may be required to enable two-factor authentication on your account to complete this step).

12. Download the provided JSON file and store it safely as this will be required to configure the Cloud Connection.

Note: if you lose this json file and need to re-upload it to MASV, you will need to repeat the process of generating a public/private keypair as Box does not store these credentials for you

13. Save your changes - you are now ready to configure the Cloud Connection.

You can find more information on how to create your Box App Settings here.

Configuring Box App WIth Your MASV Account

  1. Visit MASV Cloud Connect page from the left-hand menu.

  2. If you are using Cloud Connect for the first time, click Box from the grid. You can also select Box from the Add Connection > Add New drop-down menu.

  3. In the pop-up window, click Upload App Settings.

  4. Name your cloud connection under the Connection Name field and hit Connect.

  5. That's it! After authentication, the service will be integrated into MASV and you'll be able to see it under Deliver To Cloud section in your new and existing Portals.

Where do I find my files once they are in Box?

Once files are delivered into your Box account, they do not show up in the regular console view. You can then find your files here (in most cases): https://app.box.com/master/content which shows you your main account but any Box apps you have created, which is how MASV saves files into your Box account.

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