When a package is sent using MASV, the sender has the option to set a download password for all recipients of the package. The same password will be used for all recipients.

However, once the package has been sent, you have the option to change/remove the password per recipient for the package.

To change or remove the download password simply go to the Packages (either Sent or Received) page and click on the More Info option for the specific package. If you can not see the More Info option, simply scroll to the far right.

Once you click on the More Info option, you will see all the recipients of the package along with details of each recipient.

By clicking on the Lock/Unlock icon next to a recipient, you can change or set the download password for that specific recipient.

Once a download password has been set for a package, clicking on the More Info option is the only way to change the password.

For Download Passwords set on Portals, any changes to the the password settings will only take effect for new deliveries. You will need to follow the above instructions by going to the Packages->Received page and clicking on the More Info option for the package in question.



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