MASV now integrates with Microsoft Teams, but how does it work and how can I install it?

When you connect your MASV Team to your Microsoft Team you will receive activity notifications directly in your Teams Channel. You can expect the following activity:

  • Package Upload Completion

  • Package Download Initiation

  • Portal Upload Completion

  • Portal Download Initiation

  • Team Invitation Acceptance

  • Cloud Connection Upload Status

Getting Started

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Teams account and browse to the Apps page.

    MS Teams apps
  2. Click Upload a custom app

    MS Teams upload custom app

  3. Select Upload for my org

    MS Teams upload for my organization
  4. Locate and select the file that was supplied to you and upload it. You can find in our our MASV Download page at

  5. You will see the MASV app listed under Built for your org

    MASV MS app

  6. Click on the card. This will open a details window:

    MASV MS APP information

  7. Install the MASV connector app to your team and select the channel you want to add it to

    Set up MASV for a MS Team

  8. Configure the application

    1. Login to your MASV account

      Login to MASV screenshot

    2. Select which team you want to connect

      MASV MS Teams app connection

    3. Click Save to complete the installation

      MASV MS Teams app complete instalation

      That’s it! Your MASV Team is now connected to Microsoft Teams - activity messages will be posted to your channel.

Inside MASV you can view the status of your connection to Teams on the Team Settings page

MS Teams Settings

To add additional MASV Teams or to remove any existing integrations:

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