Matcherino wants to help Tournament Organizers and community streamers partner up to grow events! As part of this program we are willing to provide interested partners the option to add up to three streamers to their marketing strategy in exchange for codes and other perks for both the tournament and the streamer! 

How this Works

Matcherino will support Partnered Tournament Organizers by giving up to 3 streamers per organization an allotment of custom $0.10 codes (generally $5 worth in total) in order to bring their viewers to your event page. While this may not seem like a large amount of money per person, when you consider the impact of new, unique viewers for your Sponsor Quest clicks (free to the event pay-per-action ads) the 50 codes can add up fast!

Additionally, Tournament Organizers are required to add a custom reward to their associated events that splits a donation (I recommend considering a $10 price point, but you can use use what you and your streamer deem best) 50/50 between the Prize Pool and the Streamer. This helps provide some sort of financial incentive for the streamer to help with your events 

How to Sign Up

Matcherino Partners only need to do a few steps to get started in the program.

  1. You need to fill out our Streamer Information Form to provide some basic information. 
  2. Create and attach your 50/50 Event/Streamer donation reward to your event(s). Remember: the streamer needs to create a Matcherino account in order to get paid!
  3. Send SweeBeeps a link of your event and let him know which streamers are signing up (for code creation purposes).

After that, you’ll get a confirmation screenshot of codes that have been created, similar to normal events. 

Please give your streamers AT LEAST a week lead time to market your events. Codes requested too near to an events start (for non-league events) may be denied. 

How Streamers are Tracked

Streamers will be tracked on their overall code usage percentage as well as by the number of their donation rewards that are sold. The overall GOAL is to successfully solicit one 50/50 donation per event in addition to pushing their viewers to utilize as many Sponsor Quests as possible (the assumption is the streamers viewers aren’t necessarily the tournaments normal viewers so you’re able to get new clicks for Sponsor Quests that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise). 

Matcherino staff may drop into streams at random to observe how various partners promote related events in order to consider further program suggestions and improvements. 

Things for Streamers to Focus On

Promoting an event on stream can be new for streamers, so here are some things for them to focus on to help promote a tournament:

  1. Communicate the tournament information through a chatbot automated message (When the event is, what URL people can sign-up on, etc)
  2. Encourage their viewers to utilize their promotional code on the events Matcherino page and consider some of the rewards for sale (remember, no multiple accounts!) Examples: -> Here <-
  3. Encourage their viewers to utilize as many sponsor campaigns as they can (remember again, no multiple accounts!)
  4. Demonstrate how to use a donation code on stream (the streamer can only do this once per event due to account restrictions) - Example:  -> Here <-
  5. Create a break-time slide advertising the Tournament and the Matcherino campaign (feel free to mention that you can be supported through the 50/50 reward!)


Please be aware that this program, like the normal Partnership Program, DOES restrict code and Sponsor Quest use to a single account. The use of multiple accounts to redeem codes or Sponsor Quests constitutes as fraud and can get you removed from both the Streamer Support program and the Partnership Program as a whole. 

Remember that you can remove fraudulent transactions through your Admin -> Actions -> Refund tab in your admin panel and speak to problem users about curbing the behavior. If all else fails, you can report the username to your Matcherino rep to have them review suspect accounts for a site ban. 

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