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Here are 3 ways by which you can add students to your class

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You can create student accounts and add students to your classes in three ways. Either way, you first have to create the class. So make sure you have a class created before continuing reading.

Here are the three ways of adding students to a class.

1) Let students create a student account themselves

  1. Have the students go to or open the app. Let them create their account by clicking "Sign up here" on iPad or Chromebook.

  2. If the students have a Google, Microsoft, or Clever account, they can create an account by clicking on Google, Microsoft, or Clever and logging in.

  3. If not, the students should click on Username and password.

  4. Now the students should choose Student.

  5. Let the students fill in their First name, Last name, Username (has to be unique), and Password (at least 6 characters long).

  6. Student will now land on a screen asking for a class code. Give the students the class code for the class you have created and want them to join. It is a 6-digit number. Write it on the board!

  7. Done! If the students get sent into the app, they join your class. They will pop up in your class in the Student tab.

2) Add student manually

  1. Go into the Student tab.

  2. Choose the class you want to add the student to.

  3. Click Add student and choose to Add Manually.

  4. Enter First name, Last name, Username (has to be unique) and Password (at least 6 characters long) for the students. Note that doing it this way requires that, you as a teacher, later have to hand out usernames and passwords to students.

  5. For example:

6. Click Save.

7. Done! They will pop up in your class view in the Student tab.

3) Email a class list

Email with a class list, including at least the students' names, and we will have it uploaded for you within 24h.

Please note that this is a one time procedure. A student should never have to create more than one account. They don't need to remember the class code for every time they log into their account.

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