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How to create an assignment

Here is an introduction to how you create an assignment and tailor it to fit your needs

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Assignment are central in the Magma world. An assignment in its simplest form is defined as a collection of problems given to a student/group/class. In this guide you will learn how to create an assignment and tailor it after your needs.

We start by going through how to create an assignment.

So to create an assignment, please follow these steps. And don't be afraid here, you can edit any of these steps and settings later, after the assignment is created.

  1. Go to the Assignments tab and click the button 'New assignment' on the top right.

  2. Choose problems. Now you can select and combine the problems you want in your assignment. By going through the lists you can choose based on book, chapter and subchapter. Select by clicking the level or the problem you want to include. You can pick from any year or any level. The level and year will not be shown to your students.

  3. Choose students. You now select which class you want to share the assignment with. You can either share it with classes, groups and/or individual students. You know the students, you decide.

  4. Other settings

    • Allow answer checking. Turn this on if you want to give the students the opportunity to look at the answer if they have answered incorrectly.

    • Exam mode. If exam mode is turned on, the students cannot view the answer and they will not get feedback until the exam is over. Exam mode is useful is you want to do an assessment with your class.

    • Availability. The default is that an exercise will be available for the students from the moment you finish creating it, until you manually archive the assignment. If you want to, you can schedule when the assignment should start and stop showing for the students. This is a feature that teachers find useful when planning ahead.

  5. Name the assignment, and Create.

    You can name the assignment at the top of the page. This name will be shown for the student and yourself, in the list of assignment. An example of name would be "Multiplication".

    When you have chosen a name, click Create.

Wow! If your exercise shows up in the list of assignments, you are done! Great work!

Psst, if you need to edit, delete or change the students for an assignment after you have created it, click on the three dots next to the assignments.

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