In Magma, every student account belongs to a class. Just like many students belong to a class in real life. Organizing the students in classes makes it simple to hand out assignments to the whole class.

The reason we also added the concept of "Groups" is to allow you as a teacher to give assignments to a group of students. E.g. a group of students who need to repeat a certain area or some students who need a larger challenge.

A group can be created within a class or with students from multiple different classes. To create a group, go to Students-tab and click "Add group". Note that in order to have students to select for your group, you will have to have added them to a class before (or have your colleagues share a class with you). 

Don't hesitate to chat with us if you need some extra help with groups and classes, we know it can be a bit tricky at first! :) 

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