You can you create a teacher account in two different places. 

  1. On iPad. Download our free iPad app "Magma Math" from Appstore.

  2. On web. Open any browser and go to You can also reach this page from our website

When you have your iPad or web browser in front of you, please fill out: 

  • First name

  • Last name 

  • Username 

  • Password - must be 6 characters

  • Email - this has to be unique. Have you created an account before with your mail, you will not be able to create another with the same. If this is the case, please go back to and click "Forgot username" and you will be able to reset password, or reach out to us and we will help you.

  • School - please choose your school. This will decide who you can share classes with. 

When you have read and checked our user agreement, you will be in logged into the service. This means you have succeeded in creating a teacher account! Yay! 🎉 

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