The Metamask chrome extension doesn't allow to see NFTs, they are only visible connecting your wallet to Opensea or in the mobile app. To see them in the mobile app:

  • Go to the NFTs tab.

  • Click on "import NFTs".

  • Insert the contract address and the ID (serial number) of your NFT.

MAUER contract addresses:

Drop 1: 0x9dff0fb53142fef40a704716e29087ea317bb55d
Drop 2: 0x6aDe77E2976a82fFEe81B573D9173e05dD38A84A
Drop 3: 0x41c654ce7c6dccb1f1887acd9d2900e6f46080b7

If it doesn't work, contact our support via chat!

- MAUER team

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