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How to see my NFTs in Metamask?
How to see my NFTs in Metamask?
Written by IKONIA
Updated over a week ago

The Metamask chrome extension doesn't allow to see NFTs, they are only visible connecting your wallet to Opensea or in the mobile app. To see them in the mobile app:

  • Go to the NFTs tab.

  • Click on "import NFTs".

  • Insert the contract address and the ID (serial number) of your NFT.

MAUER contract addresses:

Drop 1: 0x9dff0fb53142fef40a704716e29087ea317bb55d
Drop 2: 0x6aDe77E2976a82fFEe81B573D9173e05dD38A84A
Drop 3: 0x41c654ce7c6dccb1f1887acd9d2900e6f46080b7

If it doesn't work, contact our support via chat!

- MAUER team

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