What is re-entry?
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Re-entry is the process of supporting Lahaina fire-impacted property owners and residents, including renters, so they can have assistance when returning to their homes. Zones have been created to facilitate a systematic and organized return to the Lahaina Wildfire Disaster Area while prioritizing public safety and the security of the community. Ahead of re-entry, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) household hazardous material removal must be completed in each zone. Household hazardous material includes paint, solvents, fertilizers, cleaning solutions, propane tanks and other items.

Find your zone

Find your re-entry zone by visiting https://www.mauirecovers.org/reentry and search your address by clicking on the "πŸ” search icon" in the top right corner.

For comprehensive details on re-entry, safety information, drinking water, recovery phases, and more, residents can visitwww.mauirecovers.org.

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