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How do I apply for a re-entry vehicle pass?
How do I apply for a re-entry vehicle pass?

What documents can be used to verify property ownership or occupancy for a re-entry vehicle pass?

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Re-entry passes can be obtained by property owners from the Lahaina DRC located at the Lahaina Civic Center.

Two reentry passes can be obtained for each property with appropriate identification and the first visit must be escorted. PPE will be provided to residents to wear when in the area. After they have visited the area once escorted, they are free to go in and out of the area as they would like if they have the pass with them.

​Here is a list of documents that will be needed to gain entry.

  • Property Deed or Title: A property deed or title in your name is one of the most direct ways to demonstrate ownership. This document should clearly show your name as the property owner.

  • Utility Bills: Utility bills such as electricity, water, or gas bills that are addressed to your name at the property address can serve as proof of residency. These bills should be recent and show consistent usage.

  • Property Tax Records: Property tax records from the county’s Real Property Tax office that list you as the property owner are strong evidence of ownership. Visit:

  • Lease Agreement: If you have been renting, a lease agreement with your name, the landlord's name, and the property address can establish your residency.
    Hawai‘i Driver's License: A valid Hawai’i driver's license with your current address is a widely accepted proof of residency.

  • Vehicle Registration: If your vehicle is registered at the property address, it can indicate your residency.

  • Voter Registration: A voter registration card listing your address in Lahaina can be used to confirm your residency.

  • Financial Statements: Financial statements sent to your Lahaina address can help establish residency, especially if they cover an extended period. Driver’s license or identification card.

For further details, one can visit

Who can apply for a re-entry vehicle pass?

Only property owners, residents/tenants of the property in the re-entry zone can apply for a vehicle pass. Vehicle passes will not be issued to the general public or anyone not legally affiliated with the property as the owner or tenant.

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