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Home survived. Get support with Fire Debris with the Crisis Cleanup Hotline
Home survived. Get support with Fire Debris with the Crisis Cleanup Hotline
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If your house did not burn down, but you have fire debris, what should you do?

  • If your property did not burn down, but you still have fire damage, you would not be able to qualify for FEMA assistance to clean up your property.

  • However, please contact Crisis Cleanup Hotline, 808-451-3102

  • They can connect you with volunteers from local relief organizations, community groups and faith communities who may be able to assist with cutting fallen trees and ash sifting to find valuables. All services are free, but service is not guaranteed due to the overwhelming need. This hotline will remain open through December 22, 2023.

  • Please note that this hotline CANNOT assist with social services such as food, clothing, shelter, insurance or questions about FEMA registration. Volunteers work free of charge and provide the tools and equipment necessary to complete the work. For more information visit

My home is in the fire damaged area, but my home survived. My home is currently uninhabitable. I have items (e.g., carpet, beds, curtains, furniture, etc.) in my home that will need to be disposed of due to smoke damage. Can that material be taken to the Central Maui Landfill?

Smoke damaged material will be allowed to be taken at the Central Maui Landfill or the Olowalu Transfer Station. Any fire damaged/burnt material should be removed under federal assistance program through US Army Corps or as part of the homeowner's Alternate Opt Out plan.

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