Your Instagram bio is one of the first things people will see when they visit your profile. It's a chance for you to show why people should follow you.

Here's how to create a bio that will encourage users to follow you and explore your content further. 

1. Headline (The line that is in bold)

Use keywords to describe your organisation. This is what Instagram looks at when someone searches for a specific subject on the platform. The headline is defaulted to your brand name, but you can edit it. 

2. The body  

Tell your followers what value they will get from your account. It could be helpful tips, event news, or even new product updates. 

3. A personal touch

Let your personality shine through - do you support a charity or are you well known for supporting a certain scene in your industry or area? 

This is important - this is the only place you can feature a clickable link on Instagram. Try switching it up every so often and see what resonates most with your followers. 

Here are some of our favourite Instagram bios:

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