Make sure Mayday has all of the data it needs to help you towards multi-entity accounting bliss.

In order to configure your account with either Recharger or BRAG, Mayday needs to synchronise the data it has with what's in your Xero organisation for each connected entity.

If you want to calculate recharges or reconcile transactions for previous months, choose the start date as the first month that you want to use Mayday for. The further back you go, the longer it will take to pull the data from your account.

Mayday automatically syncs with Xero daily, and every time you log in, however if you’d like to sync whilst you’re using the software, to reflect a recent change or ensure your information is up to date, simply press Sync Complete in the left hand menu and it will begin to sync.

Sync'ing can take some time, so it will run in the background and send you a notification when it's finished.

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